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Changelogs of all the release Chawkbazar Laravel version is listed here.


Release on 4th April 2024

-[New feature]Shop Ownership Transfer added -[New feature]Shop Maintenance added -[New feature]Email notification to verified purchased customer when a new digital product update gets available


Release on 6th February 2024

-Tool tips for admin area. [New feature] -New App installation terminal command via Laravel Prompt [New feature] -Settings save confirmation. [New feature] -Total order amount calculation in analytics dashboard [Bug fix] -Percentage base coupon validation issue in admin end [Bug fix] -Responsive device sidebar toogle issue. [Bug fix]


Release on 17th January 2024

-Text editor support [New Feature] -Introduced "Enable coupons for vendors" switch to the settings. [Enhancement] -Exclusive inclusion of coupon offers for Verified (Authorized) customers. [Enhancement] -Empowered vendors to request the addition of their products to the Flash sale. [Enhancement] -Addressed and resolved the Auto Payment gateway selection issue. [Fix] -Admin dashboard analytics fix [Fix]


Release on 19th December 2023

  • App maintenance Mode [New Feature]
  • Product import/export with Categories, tags relational data [New Feature]
  • Composer packages updated [Enhancement]
  • User permission issue fixed for super-admin user control area. [Enhancement]
  • Digital file reuploading issue fixed [issue fix]
  • Analytics memory leakage issue fixed [issue fix]
  • Single Order invoice pdf currency symbol issue fixed [issue fix].
  • Orders excel export currency symbol issue fixed [issue fix].


Release on 4th December 2023

  • All dependency packages are updated on the shop end.


Release on 27th November 2023

  • FAQs builder added [both Super admin & Vendor end]
  • Terms and Condition builder added [both Super admin & Vendor end]
  • Contact page added for vendor specific.
  • Settings area revamped
  • Dashboard section facelifted (Super admin, Vendor & Staff)
  • Real-time notification added for order
  • Route searching
  • Product, tag, categories filtering options added
  • Sidebar menu & Footer area update
  • Product preview system added
  • Download page for digital product [customer profile end]
  • My-account section CSS issue fixed [customer profile end]


Release on 1st September 2023

  • Wishlist Feature Added [New Feature]
  • Redesigned my account page [Enhancement]
  • Dashboard Sorting Issue Fixed [Issue Fix]
  • Fixed build issue and infinite reload issue[Issue Fix]
  • Fixed admin dashboard order page in small devices [Issue Fix]
  • Admin Dashboard Bug Fixed [Bug Fix]


Release on 14th August 2023

  • Checkout form design change for 'authenticated' and 'guest' User [Enhancement]
  • Variation image visibility in Single product page [Enhancement]
  • Variation criteria selection issue fixed before adding to cart [Issue fix]
  • Immediate redirect to home after login issue [Issue fix]


Release on 8th August 2023

  • Iyzico Payment Gateway Added[new feature]
  • Product Import Export issue fixed [issue fix]
  • Stripe Payment Add New Card Issue fixed [issue fix]
  • My Account address modal view issue fixed [issue fix]
  • Stripe Payment Gateway card error fixed [issue fix]


Release on 27th July 2023

  • Newsletter feature added [New Feature]
  • Subscribe timeout [Issue Fix]
  • Otp login [Issue Fix]
  • Fixed Shipping and Billing address modal [Issue Fix]
  • Checkout update contact for Authenticate user and Guest user [Issue Fix]
  • Standard Demo Banner Carousel Slide [Issue Fix]
  • Newsletter feature Documentation added.


Release on 10th July 2023

  • Guest Checkout Enable/Disable option on setting. [new feature]
  • Guest Checkout. [new feature]
  • useOtp Switch in the settings. [issue fix]
  • OTP verification [issue fix]


Release on 24th June 2023

  • Added Email verification for all user[new feature]
  • Added Must verify email switch in the setting [new feature]
  • Unpublished/hidden product add-to-cart [issue fix]


Release on 9th June, 2023

  • Fixed default card issue
  • Re-organized Exception handling for proper Rest status code
  • Multiple payment gateway management [new feature]
  • Product publish management control [new feature]
  • Product sale price [issue fix]
  • Multi-language auto translation [issue fix]
  • Related product [issue fix]
  • Product out-of-stock quantity [issue fix]
  • Payment modal steps modified [enhancement]
  • Set SMS Events from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer. [New Feature]
  • Set Email Event from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer. [New Feature]
  • Email Event Setting option [New Feature]
  • Sms event settings options [new feature]
  • Added setting seeder [new feature]
  • New Console Command marvel:settings_seed [New Feature]
  • Added openai support in every possible description like Create Shop → Description, Create Manufacturer/Publication → Description, Create New Category → Details,Add Tag → Details, Create Author → Bio, Create Author → Quote, Create New Coupon → Bio, Create New Coupon → Description, Settings → Meta Description, Settings → OG Description [New Feature]
  • Order cancel Recalculate [Enhancement]
  • Order Note attribute added for Order [Enhancement]
  • Handled Unused Order Creation and other minor [Issue Fix]
  • Fixed Settings issue [Issue Fix].


Release on 8th April, 2023

  • Upgraded to Laravel 10
  • Upgraded to Next 13
  • Added Rezorpay (Indian) Payment Gateway
  • Added Mollie (Europian) Payment Gateway
  • Added Paystack (South African) Payment Gateway
  • Coupon Validation issue fix
  • Multi Lang Query issue optimized
  • Slug issue fixed
  • Thank-you page issue fix
  • Re-organize Exception Handling for proper response status code


Release on 25th March, 2022

  • Restructure data fetching and mutation.
  • Add Stripe payment gateway.
  • Add Paypal payment gateway.
  • Add my cards section.
  • Restructure the order system.
  • New Coupon system implements.
  • Variation product price switch system fixed.
  • Variation product image switch system fixed.
  • Variation product clear button add.
  • Shop single page sidebar page issue fixed.
  • React query version update.
  • Responsive issue fixed.
  • Category slider loop issue fixed.
  • Payment & order status based product inventory management system
  • Disabled & Out-of-stock variable product bug
  • Language file updated
  • Product shipping control system upgraded
  • Withdrawal bug fix
  • product tag issue fixed
  • Settings page updated


Release on 28th December, 2022

  • Order details issue fixed on admin area


Release on 15th December, 2022

  • Quantity update bug fix
  • Stripe Integration checked
  • Social Login checked


Release on 22nd November, 2022

  • Added automated script for deployment
  • Documentation updated


Release on 16th September, 2022

  • Packages version is locked to a fixed version
  • Fixed the latest docker Invalid template issue
  • Fixed social login environment issue
  • Fixed docker installation on M1 Processor
  • Fixed broken documentation issue


Release on 6th April, 2022

  • Fixed SEO source issue
  • Fixed address authenticate issue
  • Fixed build issue
  • Fixed API storage linking issue


Release on 2nd March, 2022

  • Introduced 4 new demos [Trendy, Elegant, Refined, Fashion]
  • Upgrade shop to tailwind 3
  • Fixed RTL css issue
  • Fixed brand delete issue
  • Fixed gallery image remove issue
  • Fixed free shipping issue
  • Fixed few minor bugs


Release on 12th January, 2022

  • Added OTP login
  • Added dropdown mobile navigation for my-account
  • Added dynamic category cover image
  • Restructure banner and menu data. *[breaking changes]
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed admin permission for vendor
  • Fixed admin and vendor redirect issue
  • Update documentation
  • Fixed a few minor bugs


Release on 21st December, 2021

  • Optimize code structure
  • Restructure SSR build strategy
  • Added pagination for my account shop order
  • Added layout system for auth pages
  • Added load more on search modal
  • Added option to close search modal
  • Fixed missing data
  • Fixed sold quantity issue
  • Fixed translation strings
  • Fixed spelling mistake images
  • Fixed order view issue for mobile
  • Fixed checkout & order bugs
  • Fixed CSS issue


  • Initial release